Approval of a new Rowledge Village Hall on the Cherryfields site

On Wednesday, 17th August 2022, Waverley Western Planning Committee approved the application for a new Rowledge Village Hall on the Cherryfields site by a 13 -2 majority.

RVH Trustees would like to thank the Committee members for their thoughtful deliberations when weighing up the balance of the renewal of this important community facility against the potential harm to the countryside. The site has a local countryside designation, so the Planning Officers had recommended refusal on the grounds that it contravened Neighbourhood Plan and Development Plan policies. However, it was for the Councillors to decide whether the need for a new Village Hall, also supported by local policies, was more important. We are delighted that, after careful consideration, they found in our favour. 

You can watch the discussion here: (start at 48 minutes)

We are particularly grateful to Peter Clark, our ward Councillor, who gave an eloquent, well-researched and insightful statement in support of the application. Mr Clark is not on the Committee so was free to speak on our behalf. We’d also like to thank the people of Rowledge and beyond who have strongly supported our campaign leading up to the application. A special mention goes out to the Committee members who pounded the streets to hand-deliver leaflets.

…But, as they say, the hard work starts now. We are lucky enough to already have around two-thirds of the funds required to carry out the project, but we need everyone’s help with our fundraising efforts to secure the rest. Recent inflation is a big issue with our calculations.

Our immediate need is for more volunteers for our RVH Committee and, ultimately, more RVH Trustees. Right now, we are too few in number to be as effective as we’d like to be. Please, if you’ve had any thoughts about becoming more involved in your local community, now is the time to come forward. We’re happy to accept offers of help which don’t over-commit you for the long term. Special skills aren’t essential. This is a coalition of the willing with the aim of enhancing life in Rowledge for generations to come.

Rowledge needs you!

RVH Trustees

Contact our chairman, Richard Banes-Walker, if you’d like to help.


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